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Our sales and commercial acumen training solutions are designed to support organisations where they need it most, or work holistically to strengthen each stage of the prospect and business acumen development process.

Our trainings will not only create an edge for your organization but, also build a strong competitive edge with sustained success.

B2B Sales

In sales, business development or in some other customer- facing role where demonstrating value to a prospect or customer is an important part of what you do – or should be doing. It provides an opportunity for genuine skill development as a platform for making a permanent behaviour change that will positively affect sales performance. The programme provides insights into how buying decisions are made. The SPIN® best practice model leads delegates to achieve sales advances that build value for both customers and their own organisations. The programme includes real world planning sessions to ensure that the new skills become embedded and that you achieve long-term sales improvements. By the end of the programme, participants will;
  • have analysed the strengths and weaknesses of their present selling style
  • be able to describe the psychology of customer needs
  • understand how major buying decisions are made
  • be able to influence all members of a decision-making unit
  • have demonstrated the key behaviours used by effective salespeople in their verbal interactions with customers
  • have a framework for planning sales calls in terms of these behaviours
  • have practised behaviours that greatly reduce the likelihood of objections
  • have frequently and objectively measured their performance compared with the skilled behaviour model and created an action plan for continued development of the skills after the programme
The Huthwaite programme is aimed at individuals and/or teams that need the right mix of skills, processes and tools to win more opportunities. Built around a business simulation that recreates a competitive sales opportunity, delegates compete to devise and execute strategies and tactics that win the deal. Ultimately, it’s what delegates do face-to-face or virtually that wins or loses them the business – just as in real life. By the end of the programme, participants will be able to;
  • create better access to the real decision makers and better verbalise their value proposition and business case
  • Be able to describe the psychology of customer needs
  • Navigate the stakeholders and decision-making unit more effectively
  • Demonstrate a proactive win strategy and be better prepared to handle the competition
  • Describe their progress in the opportunity with clearer objectives around what to do next
  • Pre-handle and manage late-cycle concerns.
The PITCH Selling programme is appropriate for anyone involved in the sale of products or services where one to three interactions are needed to secure a sale and buying decisions are made by one or two decision makers. It will suit face-to- face, telephone based or virtual selling, operating in either business to business or business to consumer sales environments, if they need a consultative sales approach that differentiates products and services against the competition, based on the customer’s needs. By the end of the programme, each delegate will have improved their ability to;
  • identify where their customers are in their decision process, and adapt their approach accordingly
  • understand what motivates – and prevents – customers from making buying decisions
  • use appropriate questions to identify customer needs
  • identify the key differentiators for their products and solutions
  • describe solutions persuasively
  • structure their conversations effectively and adapt that structure appropriately
  • plan and prioritise sales approaches
  • carry out effective opening statements on prospecting calls
  • increase the value of the sale, to generate additional revenue and profit.
The power and influence of procurement has grown dramatically in recent years as organisations seek to cut costs and maximise value through strategic sourcing initiatives. As a result, sales professionals are challenged by an increasingly active procurement function in more of their deals. The Winning with Procurement program equips sellers with the insider knowledge and sales know-how needed to make a positive impact with procurement when closing business
With ever-changing business climate, long-term customer relationships are more important than ever. To develop those relationships, the salespeople need to sell and manage accounts strategically. They need to understand everything about an account. They need to utilize rigorous strategic methods to secure business—and keep it. Key account management workshop is designed for salespeople and managers who already possess a solid foundation in sales call skills and are ready for the next step: a more strategic approach to develop sales opportunities and relationships with key accounts. It introduces new concepts, tools and tactics salespeople can use to build solid, lasting customer relationships in today’s competitive marketplace.
An investment in business acumen training will yield huge dividends on an individual and organizational level. We typically co-create a course that’s integrated with your people and corporate strategy and continue to work with you to implement follow-up activities to maximize the return on your investment. We work in close consultation with you to conduct a needs analysis to identify organizational gaps and build a thought-provoking curriculum that builds a sense of business confidence that lasts a lifetime.
Today many businesses conduct major business to- business sales via the telephone and using virtual platforms with the aid of internet-enabled tools. Our Remote selling programme helps sellers to develop the strategies and skills to establish relationships and sell more business by telephone and using internet enabled tools.
We help companies build world-class sales organisations and prepare them to take on the dynamic marketing challenges by aligning the sales processes. Our interventions focus on sales strategies, tactics, process corrections, upskilling & tools to deliver sustained business results.

B2C Sales

This programme focuses on some of the real issues which the managers come across while managing channels. The programme is quite comprehensive and sessions are carefully chosen which address most of the needs of the Channel managers today. The tools, techniques and skills are validated in the Indian Context and are based on years of experience and research. We use tools and frameworks to plan effective channel calls. Channel managers improve over the course of the programme and develop their performance once back in their roles.

For sales managers and leaders

The program focuses on the development of sales managers & be able to understand the differences between  an effective salesperson and an effective sales manager, be able to construct and implement a tactical sales plan , understand the Customer  Relationship Cycle and how to manage the regular interface with strategic and key accounts, understand motivational theory in order to achieve high levels of motivation  within the sales teams, understand the impact of leadership styles and how behaviour can impact upon successful management, be capable of running effective, productive sales meetings & be able to coach teams in a positive, motivational way

Huthwaite SPIN® Coaching is for anyone involved in personal development, including Sales Managers, HR, L&D specialists, and peer-to-peer coaches. It enables your people to help their colleagues to compare their personal planning, reviewing and verbal behavioural profile against our best practice model. We equip coaches to ensure that they can embed behavioural change, and realise long-term business benefits. By the end of the course, each participant will;
  • understand how coaching fits into the SPIN® learning journey
  • have a methodology for assessing where a seller is in terms of their mastery of SPIN®
  • provide a coaching environment where a seller can identify how best to develop their SPIN® skills
  • understand what effective coaching behaviour looks

For Product management and marketing group

In this programme, we pay close attention to real, current examples from your current or planned marketing campaigns. We expect to provide a good deal of design flexibility based on each client’s marketing function and the type of activity they need to undertake, whether the bias is more towards traditional brochure and press activity, or heavily dependent on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and the other social media.   The focus will be on understanding and applying SPIN® concepts to the marketing communications you generate, offering practical guidance and insights into best practice and how this can be integrated within your organisation.   SPIN®, is a researched model of verbal behaviour. It’s an acronym that stands for the different types of questions asked by successful sellers in high-value, business-to-business sales where the buyer has to see the value of the solution. For the sales force, the training has introduced a common language and a buyer focused way of thinking about the product or service you offer. Now it’s your turn in Marketing.   By the end of the programme, participants will;  
  • understand the psychological process customers go through when making major buying decisions and the implications for Sales and Marketing
  • be able to conduct competitive analysis at a market and product level to leverage branding and differentiators
  • be able to build a comprehensive persuasive case around their strongest differentiators
  • have applied SPIN® based messages in their real case marketing examples
  • have evaluated how customer-centric their existing marketing examples

Sales Academies and Content Development