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Our Approach

The ValuePro approach to learning 

We believe there are two ways to improve sales performance

Sell more efficiently

Sell more effectively

The best sellers and sales managers have always struck a balance between the two.

Our learning Journey is broadly divided into three phases to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. As the sales team progress through the learning journey the teams acquire new skills, adopt new behaviours and improve their commercial performance.

For ValuePro to make the most relevant program, we first understand your current position, and business understanding as part of our customisation process. To define the deliverables from a training solution, we then understand what you want your sales teams to do differently & why.

As behaviour change experts, we build skills through face-to-face or virtual training specific to your organisation and sector. We give a lot of emphasis on practice sessions with post-training support for your teams to adopt new behaviours until these behaviours become habitual. We adopt learning methods and tools that have been researched, tried, and tested over the years, producing quantitative results.

We create implementation plans with each participant & the organisation so that people are focused on doing things differently and doing different things as soon as they return to work. The ‘do’ stage, is supported by tools, refreshers, videos and ‘how-to guides and managers coaching.

The e-learning and digital platform capability, in association with Learning Solutions Group at Huthwaite International using audio and infographics, produced in-house help in rapid and instant deployment. The digital developments are targeted towards achieving quick learning deployment that are efficient, agile, and match the digital standards of our clients.